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It’s that time. The time of year when you want to be scared … right? Well, there’s a room in your home full of torturous tricks and treats … it’s the SCARIEST room in your house …YOUR KITCHEN!

Don’t worry – your kitchen isn’t scary because it’s filthy – of course, you keep your house (and especially your kitchen) clean. So what’s spooky about it?

Well, even if you’ve been eating a “healthy” diet for years … you’ve probably got some secret “scary foods” stashed in your pantry right now. And it’s not your fault—they’ve been marketed to you as the “best new health trend” food.

Believe it or not, there are actually “diet” foods that do nothing for your diet – or your gut – at all! In fact, they may even cause some serious damage or concern. Scary.

Now, you already know that foods like …


can be responsible for food poisoning, are toxic, and often cause irritation in the gut.1

But they’re not the ONLY foods messing with your system. In fact, some of the biggest health trends may be doing more harm than good.

Let’s take a look at some trickster health trends…

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1. The GLUTEN-FREE Trend

Now, you may be thinking, “Wait, wait – I thought gluten was bad for me … so why aren’t gluten-free foods good for me?”

Well, some gluten-free food is great for you. For instance, gluten-free whole foods like greens, cruciferous vegetables, and wild-caught fish are the stuff healthy routines are made of. And there’s even a few gluten-free pasta substitutes that are great for you, like Miracle Noodle and Cappello’s pasta.

But if you’re wandering the “gluten-free” aisles of your grocery store and loading up your cart with boxes and bags of gluten-free crackers, cookies, and snacks – well, then, you’re still buying foods high in lectins.

And that’s because most of your favorite gluten-free foods are processed with brown rice, corn, and oat flour.

Furthermore, most gluten-free foods are loaded with sugar. So, while they may be labeled “gluten free” – they’re still terrible for your gut.

2. The FAT-FREE or LOW-FAT Trend

What’s the diet trend you’re most familiar with – you know, the one you grew up believing was the only way to be healthy? Surely, it’s a diet low in fat. But, as it turns out, the biggest diet trend in the 80’s and 90’s – low-fat food – was dead wrong.

The truth is, eating fat does not make you fat.

It’s all about the types of fats you eat. In fact, foods rich in healthy fats are diet staples for some of the healthiest people in the world.

Focusing on the right fats – like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – from vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and fish, are important elements in a healthy diet.

Not only that, they’re necessary when it comes to maintaining your heart health. Eating polyunsaturated fats in place of saturated and trans fats lowers your bad cholesterol, improves your good cholesterol, and helps balance your blood sugar levels.2

But the best thing about fat is that it makes food taste great. So, when big food companies eliminate the fat in their foods, they have to do other things to keep it tasting delicious.

A lot of times, they add tons of salt, and even more sugar to replace the flavor lost from the eliminated fat.

So, you see what’s going on here, right? They’re taking out something that could be good for you – and adding unhealthy ingredients instead.


It seems over the last decade, juice stores have popped up everywhere.

And if you’re drinking straight up kale juice, it’s not inherently bad for you. But here’s the thing:

You’re better off eating your greens.

fruit juice high in sugarThat way, you get to enjoy all that gut-healthy fiber. When you juice your vegetables, you toss out all of that valuable fiber.

Instead, toss out the juice – and eat the fiber left in your juicer! Seriously, it’s the stuff most people throw out that ends up being more valuable. And it’s great in baked goods or mixed in to goat yogurt.

And if you’re drinking bottled green juices or smoothies – you should know that most of them have TONS of added sugar.

Of course, while that sugar may come from fruit … fruit is nature’s candy! That means you shouldn’t go overboard and eat a ton of it.

And those juices and smoothies? Some of them have 4, 5, even 6 servings of fruit each! Not exactly moderation, right?

4. The YOGURT Trend

How many commercials have you seen for “Greek yogurt” in the last few years. It’s essentially the new “whole grains,” in that it’s a trendy “health” food that pops up in everything!

But here’s the thing about Greek yogurt – it’s not Greek at all.

In fact, the “Greek” yogurt sold in this country comes from regular old American cows … so it’s got plenty of casein A1 in it – that’s the lectin-like protein most people who think they’re lactose intolerant ACTUALLY have a problem with.

You see, once you ingest casein A1, it transforms in your body and becomes a new protein – beta-casomorphin.

Well, what’s wrong with beta-casomorphin? Turns out, beta-casomorphin can ignite several types of immune attacks on your pancreas and make you feel pretty sick.3 And these attacks can, of course, get worse the more Greek yogurt and casein A1 you ingest.

In fact, many people who complain of lactose intolerance – and all the pain, discomfort, and embarrassing symptoms that come with it – are actually struggling with casein A1 intolerance.

But what about all the probiotics in yogurt?

Well, most yogurt on the shelves is actually relatively low in live, active probiotics – if they have any at all. And flavored yogurts are so high in sugar, it negates any potential probiotic benefits.


Don’t fall for it. It’s all just marketing and false advertising. Just because your favorite athlete is playing, sweating, and drinking the drink, doesn’t mean you should be drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid. Sports drinks or vitamin waters are not healthy.

If you’re a pro-athlete, or training for 8-10 hours a day like one, you can probably get away with the occasional sports drink.

But most are very high in sugar – or worse, artificial sweeteners. The average joe or recreational athlete is much better off drinking water to recover from a workout.

Avoid the Tricks and Treat Yourself To….

Just because food is marketed as “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s actually healthy. Instead of letting these “health” foods TRICK you, TREAT yourself to whole foods, natural foods – one-ingredient vegetables, and Gundry-approved foods.

Remember to shop smart and read your labels carefully. And whatever you do, don’t fall for those mysterious marketing tricks.

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