The GundryMD Team takes pride in bringing you the latest in nutritional research and wellness hacks. Together our researchers, journalists, and health experts have decades of pertinent experience generating and editing content for GundryMD.

The GundryMD Team is held to the highest standards when it comes to fact-checking. We rely heavily on the National Institutes of Health and follow best practices for researching, writing, and editing purposeful and user-friendly content.

You will always find our sources identified and our writers and editors well-vetted. We take nothing for granted and meticulously investigate the authors of the studies we cite.

So, whether you’re enjoying a light-hearted feature on wellness or deep-diving into an investigative report on how “healthy” foods are mismarketed, you can trust that the GundryMD team backs its stories with research. It’s our mission to bring you nutritional facts in an entertaining way that will allow you to choose to live your healthiest, best and longest life.


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