You’ve seen wheatgrass shots at health food stores and smoothie places, right? If not, wheatgrass, the young grass shoots of the Triticum Aestivum plant, more commonly known as the wheat plant, is that bright green juice that became a trendy health supplement about a decade ago.

People have touted this green drink as a miracle cure for everything from cancer to weight loss… mostly due to its supposed superfood nutrients, such as chlorophyll, fiber and antioxidants.

But honestly, it’s a big hoax.

Why? I created a new video that tells the whole story. Check it out…


You see, wheatgrass is totally useless because…

Humans can’t digest grass.

Our bodies weren’t built to process wheatgrass or any other kind of grass…if we were, we’d have 4 stomachs, like a cow!

Wheatgrass fans also insist it’s chock full of vital nutrients… amino acids, iron, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins…And yes, it does have some nutrients.

But if you take a closer look at the nutritional facts, a 2-ounce serving only has 15% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C and 20% of your daily intake of iron. Also touted as a shortcut to getting your daily dose of veggies, a shot has roughly the same nutrients as only three ounces of veggies…And the recommended daily dose of veggies is roughly 20 ounces!

So, that means you’d have to take seven shots of wheatgrass per day, which would cost you roughly $25 to $35. What a nightmare for both your taste buds and your wallet!

And besides tasting horrible and being expensive, it contains powerful plant toxins that make you sick and wreck havoc on your gut… especially if you drink wheatgrass on a regular basis.

Ever notice that when a dog wants to throw up, it eats grass? That situation alone is enough to avoid the stuff.

The bottom line is: don’t waste your money on it.

And please share this with friends and family, especially if you know they are avid wheatgrass fans.

Looking out for you,

Steven Gundry, MD

Steven Gundry, MD