Made any “healthy” changes in your diet lately? Maybe you decided to start drinking diet soda instead of regular. Or you swapped that donut out for an energy bar. And that’s a great start…as we always look for ways to keep the flavors we like while getting rid of the sugars, carbs, and fats.

But, did you know that you may be taking out the things you think are bad? And then unintentionally replace them with things that are worse. If you’re like most Americans, you’re either trying to lose weight or at least maintain our current weight. However, there are many supposed “healthy” changes that can hinder these goals.

We have taken this excerpt from Dr. Gundry’s 2008 book, Diet Evolution, to highlight some foods that you may think are healthy, but actually on the doctor’s Dirty Dozen list. These are foods guaranteed to halt your weight loss and tell your computer program that it’s time to store fat for winter.

dirty dozen | Gundry MD

Avoid these at all costs:

  1. No sugar added” jams, pies, and juices. The ultimate in deception, these are already drowning in sugar, making added sugar unnecessary.
  2. Flavored waters or sport drinks. These are almost always full of sugar and/or and artificial sweeteners. If you see the words sucralose, Splenda or aspartame, run the other way.
  3. High-protein energy bars with the words “sports bar”, “energy bar, or “diet bar. These are a red alert. Not to be confused with high-protein, low net carbs, almost all of these are grain-based sugar bombs that hide under the guise of being “healthy” or high in protein.
  4. Trail mix or granola. These usually come with the words “all natural”, but remember that sugar is all natural, as is cyanide. Both will kill you.
  5. Canned vegetable or fruit juices. These provide a serving of fruits or vegetables— along with mucho servings of sugar.
  6. Any food that contains sugar using one of its aliases–cane sugar, natural sugar, date sugar, organic sugar, or various syrups. There is no such thing as “safe” sugar.
  7. Skim milk and soy milk lattes or Frappuccinos. These have more sugar than the “high-test” versions.
  8. Foods such as cereals, breads and crackers heralding “whole-grain goodness.” These mightell be sugar.
  9. Foods labeled low-fat, fat-free, no sugar, or no cholesterol. These are all code words for “high sugar” or sweet taste.
  10. Diet sodas. All studies show they raise your insulin levels and make you store fat.
  11. Fruit-filled breakfast bars or flavored yogurts.
  12. Too many nuts. Just how big is that “handful” of nuts you’re snacking on? Make sure it’s no more than 1/4 cup.

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