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This groundbreaking new formula was created to offset the discomforting effects of lectins (proteins commonly found in plants that make them harder to digest). Lectin Shield works to protect your body from a pile-up of lectins and to promote full-body comfort.

  • Supports intestinal health.
  • Blocks dietary lectins.
  • Helps reduce instances of gas and bloating.
  • Helps curb cravings and encourages digestive strength.


The 9 potent ingredients in Lectin Shield bind to and block the plant-proteins, acting together to give your body full anti-lectin support making it easier for you every time you eat.

Several of the components found in Lectin Shield do double-duty: Not only do they bind to lectins before they can attach to your body, they also counteract the distressing effects of lectins. Some of the ingredients even have useful antioxidant, anti-fatigue, and antifungal properties.

And now you can access the power of these ingredients in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Simply take two capsules when you sit down to each meal. That’s all you have to do to start easing the discomfort of digestion.


I believe Gundry MD Lectin Shield will give you real relief and make a significant difference in your body’s fight against lectins. However, there might be a small number of people who don’t find Lectin Shield as helpful as they’d like.

That’s why every bottle of Lectin Shield is backed by my 90-day guarantee. If, for any reason, you don’t get exactly what you’re looking for from Lectin Shield, just return your bottles, empty or full, for a full refund — no-questions-asked.


Now, let’s look a little closer at each of the 9 ingredients in Lectin Shield…

N Acetyl D-Glucosamine

N Acetyl D-Glucosamine binds to harmful lectins from wheat.1 Since wheat lectins have been associated with joint problems, this wheat lectin blocker is also a popular ingredient in joint health supplements.2


Bladderwrack, a powerful seaweed, has been shown in studies to bind to dangerous, inflammatory lectins.3 Studies also suggest Bladderwrack has antifungal properties against Candida yeasts.4


D-Mannose is a potent natural compound that binds to specific lectins in legumes you eat.5 Research indicates it can also help your body protect itself from infectious bacteria.6

Okra Extract

Okra extract is your source for raw polysaccharide (RPS), a powerful compound that binds to multiple toxic lectins.7 As a concentrated source of polyphenols, okra extract has been shown to have powerful antioxidant and anti-fatigue properties.8

Sialic Acid (Mucin)

Mucin helps to form a slippery protective barrier inside your digestive tract.9 Not to mention, the sialic acid in mucin binds to multiple lectins, including those found in wheat and several types of berries.10

Sodium Alginate

When you’re dealing with lectin-based digestive problems, sodium alginate can be your best friend. It also acts as a “fecal bulking agent,” which can help make bathroom visits much more pleasant and less frantic.11

Vegetable Peptase

When you eat lectins they inhibit peptidase, an important enzyme your body uses to break down proteins in your food, spelling trouble for your digestive tract.12 So, I’ve included vegetable peptase to assist your protein digestion and counteract the digestive effects of lectins.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

I mentioned earlier that lectins, particularly wheat lectins, have been tied to joint pain.13 MSM has been shown to be a powerful agent for helping to reduce joint pain — especially if you use it in combination with N-Acetyl D Glucosamine above.14

Larch Arabinogalactans

Arabinogalactans have been shown to increase butyrate production in gut bacteria.15 Butyrate nourishes your gut lining, which is your first line of defense against lectins and other harmful substances you unknowingly eat.16


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Lectin Shield
Customer: Marsha Hopkins

I started the Lectin Shield along with the Primal Plants and Vital Reds. I usually can't tolerate supplements due to burping the taste after word and some make me feel jittery. These are all easy to take and taste good. I feel satisfied, no cravings, more energy but not nervous or stimulated.

Lectins Shield
Customer: Jeannie

My stomach is getting flatter and constipation is almost gone. Love it!



Gundry Love!
Customer: Kristie Daniels

Excellent products and excellent doctor for resources. Thank you for caring enough about our health by dedicating your time and resources to help us get well! Vital Reds and Lectin sheild are helping to improve my digestion and health.

Better Digestion
Customer: Melvin Mont

Since taking Lectin Shield my digestive system seems much better less bloated feeling.

Excellent Shield
Customer: Eleanor

I like delicious tomato sauces used in Italian sauces and elsewhere, but they don't like me. If I take a capsule before eating a meal featuring or containing these sauces or other foods using members of the night shades family, I have friendly memories of the meal!

Thus Christmas I plan to give two relatives of mine one bottle each of Lectin Shield. That's how much I trust its benefits!

Thank you for your research on this formula. And have a Merry Christmas!

Customer: Alejandra

Great experience

Great product
Customer: Federico Morel

I been taking this for about a month and I lost 12 pounds, I recommended this to all my friends. I use Letctin Shield together with Vital Reds and the energy I get is amazing.

Customer: Jacquelin Nagel

I really like them. Sometimes I still feel slight affects of eating the lectins, but usually they are great.

Lectin Shiel
Customer: Federico Morel

This pills are amazing, I can control what I eat and when I eat it. Lost 12 ponds in 4 weeks.

Excellent Product
Customer: Wendy Becker

I love Lectin Shield. The biggest thing I notice is keeps you regular. Also very big is that if you take this before you eat something that makes you bloat you won't bloat ( at least it works for me) Example I eat nuts and I always bloat so I take Lectin shield before and I don't bloat.

The Joys of Lectin Shield
Customer: Brian Brooks

Folks, I was surfing the web maybe 6 weeks ago and seen a ad for boosting energy,metabolism,better digestive,ect.Well I got snoopy as I had been feeling lazy, was gaining a few pounds, and just wasn't feeling myself.Ive got to say I'm glad I was surfing that day as I haven't felt this good in maybe 10 years. I wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy, I sleep so much better, I have lost 5 lbs. no dieting. I believe it is from my boosted metabolism. Anyway this product Lectin Shield along with the Vital Reds i've been taking the past 5 weeks have me feeling incredible. Thank You Dr. Lundry for this super product

Vital Reds and Lectin shield
Customer: Pierre A. Dauth

Vital Reds what a boost of energy and no more constipation.

Lectin shield better digestion less stomach ache and I feel less bloated and believe or not as a bonus I lost 5 pounds since starting. These two products are EXCELLENT. 100% SATISFIED.

Lectin Shield
Customer: Angie P

I've been taking this product for about six weeks and the results are amazing. The bloating has stopped, my digestion has improved, the overall energy level has been higher than normal. Thank you for recommending Lectin Shield!

stopped my indigestion
Customer: Carolyn Gibson

The Lectin shield has stopped my indigestion and upset stomach problems and I have more energy. I am also taking the Vital Reds in conjunction with the Lectin Shield

Lectin Shield
Customer: Wendy

This product is truly amazing. Using it in conjunction with Gundry Reds I have noticed a diminishing of the arthritis in my hands and regularity like I've never had previously.

really good stuff
Customer: Catherine Blessing

I wanted to step up my paleo game, really go above and beyond in cleansing my body and not allowing stressors to interfere with digestion and sleep and pain levels etc, so I decided to give lectin shield a try and am really glad I did! It's been almost a month, and I feel great.

Definate improvement so far!
Customer: dee bassett

I have only used this for a week but can tell it helps with stomach extension and gas (I have IBS). I need to use for a couple more weeks to see if I see further improvement but am pleased do far. I saw improvement by the second day!

Customer: Joanne Miner

Better digestion and regularity.

lectin shield
Customer: krisann nelson

This has helped me be less bloated when I eat things like pizza and cheese.

Great Product
Customer: Melody Nagel

I have enjoyed this product and it seems to be giving me a bit more energy and that means I can do a little bit more each day instead of sitting on the couch and vegging....

Lectins shield
Customer: Janet


Customer: Matthew hasty

Product works great. Confidence of the product made in the us and for the low cost.

Lectin Shield
Customer: Terry Wray

I like Lectin Shield very much and take 1 capsule each day. I noticed I am much more regular, no bloating and since I have been taking the berry, greens and lectin every day I have so much more energy and I also feel more relaxed and sleep better. I recommend this product to all my friends and family.

Very good
Customer: Mike Manser

I am feeling very good .

Very good product
Customer: Tanya

Very good product! I have only been taking it for a few weeks. I'm somewhat sensitive to supplements and haven't had any issue taking Lectin Shield. I'm noticing increased energy & better digestion.

Customer: Julieta M. Campos

Love it

I feel less bloated
Customer: Eve Platt

Since taking Lectin Shield I feel less bloated & can still eat the veggys I love.

Lectin Shield
Customer: Barbara

Lectin Shield is a great product. I have chronic Lymes disease and am very gluten intolerant. I have much inflammation and cysts in my entire body and have had many problems with intestinal health and digestive issues. I learned that proper diet, great supplements and exercise is the best for my optimal health. Lectin Shield Is the perfect product for me, even though I eat a healthy diet and avoid my allergy foods sometimes it is impossible to catch everything or even know what will cause additional inflammation. Though it has only been 2 weeks, I believe Lectin Shield has improved my digestive health as I have have no stomach issues since taking it and it has greatly reduced my usual feeling of bloating after eating. Thank you for a great product.

A cool product!
Customer: Kimberly Fraser

Lectin shield works great for me in making certain unhealthy foods that the product shields from staying inside my body. I feel very good from using it.

Goodbye bloat
Customer: Betty Nowell

My horrible bloating has finally stopped. I have tried other products but only had temporary results. Lectin Shield has helped tremendously.

Digestion is better.
Customer: Paula Day

Good! I haven't been taking it for very long, but I have found my digestion is better.

This product is helping my digestion.
Customer: Margaret Gilliland

I give this product a 5 star rating.

Lectin Shield works as promised
Customer: Charles Hicks

I always give high marks to a product that does what it says in the ad. I've noticed reduced gas and bloating and increased intestinal comfort after using Lectin Shield and Vital Reds.

Lectin Shield
Customer: Margo Montelongo

Hello Dr. Gundry,

I started taking lectin shield in June 2016.

At that time, I also began to do intermittent fasting. I allow 16 hours between dinner and breakfast and have an eight hour window during the day for my meals.

During this time, I've been losing weight slowly, even with minimum exercise, since my shoulder was trying to freeze. (Since July 2nd).

We were not having any digestive issues before taking Lectin Shield. The little I've read & know about Lectin Shield sounds great.

I've also been taking Vital Reds daily since June 2016. I've noticed my nails are stronger & my energy level has increased.

I enjoy receiving your emails, recipes & newsletters.

Thanks again for everything!

Margo M.

Extra Layer of Protection
Customer: Harold Jacobs

While I try to avoid lectins, using Lectin Shield provides an extra layer of protection during my occasional lapses. While I take a relatively large number of supplements and it's hard to isolate the effect of one as over against all the others, I've noticed since taking Lectin Shield that my weight remains stable and my vitality and overall sense of well-being remain high. I plan to continue to take it on a regular basis.


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